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May 31, 2020
Profitable Breakout EA employs a breakout-based strategy. One of the most famous and widely used tactics among Forex traders is breakout trading. This method was created a long time ago and has been tested on historical data numerous times, with greater outcomes.

Three types of trend breakouts are used by this Profitable Breakout EA (support and resistance breakout, downtrend breakout, uptrend breakout). It employs a tiny stop-loss (SL) to ensure that the account is constantly safeguarded against equity drawdown and has a low risk-per-trade, as well as an adaptive trailing stop algorithm. This Free Forex robot includes a statistics collection mechanism that outputs to the information panel.


  • Minimum account Balance of 100$ .
  • Work best on EURUSD.(Work on any pair)
  • Work Best on M30 Timeframe. (Work on any Timeframe).
  • Recommend running this free forex EA on a VPS (Vultr)
  • Low Spread ECN account is also recommended Icmarket and Exness

Input Parameters


  • Show_Info_Panel – Information panel. (at the value false – Speeds up the testing in the strategy tester).
  • Magic – trades identifier.
  • Order_Comment – Comments to the order.
  • Slippage – Allowed slippage before an order triggers.
  • Max_Spread – Maximum Spread allowed before pending order is triggered.
  • Order_Type – trading direction.
  • Fixed_Lot – Fixed lot ( if “Use_Risk_MM” = false ).
  • Use_Risk_MM – At the value ‘true’ the lot size increases as the account balance grows.( Risk Management ).
  • Percentage_Risk – Increase the lot size based on balance.( Risk Management % ).
  • Take_Profit – Take profit level in points.
  • Stop_Loss – Stop loss in points.
  • Use_Break_Even – If this is true Stoploss price will be moved to breakeven when price is above target points.
  • Breakeven_Target_PipsInp – When price is above this value breakeven will be triggered.
  • Breakeven_Jump_PipsInp – Stoploss will be moved using this value to breakeven.
  • Use_Trailing – If this is true, profit will be protected with trailing stop.
  • Trailing_Stop – Trailing points, when the position is in profit.
  • Trailing_Step – Trailing step, when the position is in profit.
  • Adaptive_Trailing_to_slippages – Adaptive trailing stop.
  • Change_correction_coefficient – Trailing sensitivity coefficient.
  • Adaptive_by_Time – Algorithm of adaptivetrailing by time.
  • Time_Scale – Time interval for price analysis.
  • Use time If true trading will be performed by time.
  • Time_Setting Server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode – GMT offset of the broker server time; ( 0 – not used ).
  • Every_Day_Start – Operation start time (hh:mm).
  • Every_Day_End – Operation end time (hh:mm).
  • Use time – If true trading will be performed by time.
  • Time_Setting – Server time or computer time.
  • GMT_mode – GMT offset of the broker server time; ( 0 – not used ).
  • Disable_in_Friday – Operation end time on Friday (hh:mm).




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