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May 31, 2020
EA MUSTANG is a trading system with fine-tuned rules for entering trades and smart money management while executing a task. If the riskiness of the technique is ignored, this is a fantastic example of an advice for both experienced traders and beginners who are unfamiliar with Martingale trading methods.


The Trading Strategy's Features

The EA allows you to trade with a fixed lot size as well as a growing coefficient that you may adjust in the parameters.
The mathematical coding of the EA has a built-in block of protection against "price pins," which are common on small timescales, not just when economic news is given.

Pairs of currencies

The EA was originally designed for EURUSD, however it has since performed admirably on additional instruments (USDJPY, GBPUSD). When setting a working schedule, keep in mind that pairs with more volatility (for example, GBPUSD) provide higher returns, but also higher deposit risks; therefore, currency pairs with the smallest spread should be prioritized. In light of the foregoing, we can infer that the EURUSD currency pair is the best option.

Working timeframes

M5, M15. When choosing a timeframe, it is necessary to take into account that on a larger timeframe, the frequency of
opening deals decreases, as a result of which the profit decreases. The recommended timeframe is MS, at which the
frequency and depth of “rollbacks” during trades most contributes to the timely triggering of take-profit for the entire
series in the event of recoilless price movements.


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