Four Reliable EA's


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May 31, 2020

Relative Strength Index
Weighted Moving Average (this indicator is very similar to the NonLagDot user indicator)
Parabolic Support And Resistance
Commodity Channel Index

All come with optimized set files from tick data over the last 3 months and trading on 60 minute charts. The optimizations alone have taken around 60 hours and I have included an example set file in this email to demonstrate just what has been optimized. All the set files have the results of the optimization but more importantly have all the parameters selected and data ranges nominated.

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All the exits are by Stop Loss (automatically trailing ) or by Take Profit. I do not advocate using reversal signals. The fully commented source code is included with all the EA's and provides a great learning tool. The tick data (all of 2016) is included for download already converted to FXT format so that you have 99% accuracy in backtesting. (there are 3 files AUDUSD EURUSD GPBUSD each about 150mb in zip form) and includes a video explaining the process in full. It includes details on obtaining tick data and converting it to FXT format without purchasing any software. This information alone is worth more than the cost of the EA's. All the optimized set files (12) are included and have been set up with their own individual Magic Numbers.

Regarding money management - this post says it all. Also please do not under estimate the cost of trading and that is why I have selected only the 1 hour timeframe. (The EA's can be used on any timeframe however they would have to be re-optimized). You must be proactive with these EA's and on a monthly basis redo the optimizations. All the process is fully explained in the video. My own preference is to run the 12 set files (3 pairs x 4 EA's) as a basket of trades and to cease all trading when a daily profit level is achieved.


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