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May 31, 2020

*** What is Forex Progress Bot about?

This automated system is a great choice!

Exclusive powerful algorithm

Easy-to-understand interface

Highly accurate trades

Trailing Stop feature

Money Management feature

Auto Stoploss feature

All in all, Forex Progress Bot is a perfect fit for people who don’t have enough time for trading and want to automate this process to maximum extent.

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the first 300 customers, the price will go up to $328.00

*** Forex Progress Bot in Live Action

Live Action Video: +$2954.77 in 5 Wins

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the first 300 customers, the price will go up to $757.00

*** What Forex Progress Bot can do for you

Progress Bot Ultimate: 130% Profit + 1 loss skipped.
$1661.81 on EUR/JPY M30



REMEMBER: As soon as we sell out our 300 copies to
the first 300 customers, the price will go up to $328.00

Super Profitable Combo:
Forex Progress Bot + Ultimate Version!
+$1736.14 on GBP/JPY M15

Forex Progress Bot Members recently made
$1839 Profit on just one single pair!

Just Look at this Recent Profit:
$1278 in Just 3 Trades on GBP/JPY M5

Super Profit on GBP/USD M15: $586 in just 8 hours

Three Amazing Wins on GBP/JPY M5
which resulted more than $1200



REMEMBER: As soon as we sell out our 300 copies to
the first 300 customers, the price will go up to $328.00

*** Who was it made for?

Forex Progress Bot is a perfect decision for those who want to have great trading results saving their nerves and time. What makes it special is the fact that it works great for both newbies and experienced traders.

Does it suit newbies? Absolutely! Fully automated tool is exactly what you need to save time and gain profit AT THE SAME TIME! Analyze the market conditions and see how the robot takes advantage of MOST of them. Your endless search for a good trading tool is finally over.

Does it suit experienced traders? No doubts! Forex Progress Bot would also work great for people who are more experienced in Forex trading. Due to the combination of Trailing Stop, Money Management and Auto Stoploss features, you are getting a wide range of possibilities.

*** How it works

Forex Progress Bot is a fully automated system ready-to-use in just a few minutes. Simply choose a currency pair, attach it to your chart and put it to work on M5, M15 or M30 timeframes.

Forex Progress Bot is able to identify the most powerful entry points due to a combination of its innovative trading algorithms. Moreover, Trailing Stop, Auto Stoploss and Money Management features would allow you to improve your results even further.

1 An instant BUY/SELL order is placed. Initial fixed Stoploss and TakeProfit are defined and set. Their values are sent to the broker server.

2 Trailing Stop can be activated in the Inputs of the robot.

3 Auto Money Management feature can be enabled for gaining extra profit. Depending on the previous trade results, the lot size automatically increases/decreases in order to improve your future profit or slow down a bit until the market conditions stabilize.

4 When Auto Stoploss system is enabled in the robot settings, Stoploss will be automatically adjusted for each of your trades. This will allow the robot to take maximum advantage of current market conditions and bring you more profitable trades.

*** How much could I make with it??

We do not promise you the moon, but we are highly confident that the numbers you will be seeing will be a pleasant surprise for you. Ofcourse, it goes without saying that any trader should follow basic trading rules when using any kind of robot.

Let us share our results with you:

chfjpy, M15: 23 trades, +$4351.95

eurjpy, M15: 26 trades, +$3544.94

eurgbp, M15: 10 trades, +$3901.44

eurusd, M15: 26 trades, +$2132.00

gbpjpy, M15: 14 trades, +$2895.01

With at least some trading experience, moderate size of the account, risk tolerance and appropriate market conditions combined, you'll most likely be able to reach the desired goals with flying colors. I'm absolutely convinced you'll see a huge benefit in having Forex Progress Bot in your trading toolbox.

*** $18,022.93 + profit with Forex Progress Bot: Statement

Here are some numbers for you to look at:

picture ..... (click here to enlarge the statement) ..... picture

*** Express installation

Installation process is rather simple and usually takes about 5 minutes. Take just three little steps!

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive a purchase confirmation email which contains a direct download link to the product.

2 Download .zip archive and extract the file. Follow the installation and activation steps explained in the user guide which comes along with the product.

3 Restart MetaTrader4 and drag the robot to your chart. Enjoy your trading!




REMEMBER: As soon as we sell out our 300 copies to
the first 300 customers, the price will go up to $328.00

*** PROs and CONs of automated trading

Some people think that robots are not trustworthy enough and may be dangerous for your balance. It is absolutely your case if you purchase a badly devised trading tool. Such robots usually do not contain a well-balanced protection against monetary losses. Sellers of such tools usually do not share any powerful trading rules and recommendations with their clients. Additionally, such tools also lack other highly important features for safer trading.

In fact, a future-proof robot pushes back Forex frontiers and becomes a trading breakthrough itself.

When the robot you are using is good enough… Here is what happens…

*** Progress Bot Ultimate

If you want to get the most out of Forex Progress Bot, you should also definitely try Progress Bot Ultimate. It is an additional trading tool which makes a perfect match for the main robot. It’s only purpose is to maximize the amount of successful trades and, therefore, facilitate the trading process for you as much as possible.

Progress Bot Ultimate predicts the success rate of your forthcoming trades.

- If the success rate is < 25%, Progress Bot Ultimate skips the trade
- If the success rate is between 25% - 75%, Progress Bot Ultimate
enters the trade with the current lot size
- If the success rate is > 75% - Progress Bot Ultimate enters the trade with an increased lot size (current Lot x 1.3)

Rita Lasker has been the first one to try Progress Bot Ultimate. According to her, "This is exactly what thousands of Forex traders have been dreaming of! It's an ULTIMATE breakthrough!"

Not convinced?

Please stay with us...

*** See The Difference With Your Own Eyes

Forex Progress Bot Ultimate will definitely come in handy for you! Being an additional trading algorithm, it makes the most out of any market conditions.

As you can see, Progress Bot Ultimate is rather picky when it comes to entering trades as it does everything in its power to skip the losing ones. See the screenshots below to get an idea of how Forex Progress Bot Ultimate is making a significant difference on ANY currency pair:

Forex Progress Bot Ultimate increases profits and avoids a ton of losses!
What a genius!!

Amazing profit on EUR/GBP, M15!
$2000+ in three consecutive trades with Progress Bot Ultimate!

Ultimate Version Helps Forex Progress Bot achieve even greater results:
Extra $500+ on EUR/USD, M15!

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